A big part of what we do at Agama involves making sense of the vast amounts of data a modern monitoring solution can provide. Doing this effectively requires a deep understanding of the video distribution solutions and the technology needed to manage them.

Client Device Monitoring

In order to understand how well a video service solution is performing, it is vital to understand the device where the service is being consumed. Monitoring usage and technical performance in the client device provides data that can be used to drive a multitude of processes across the operator’s organization - from technical operations through to customer care, product management and marketing.

The first order of business when implementing a client device monitoring solution is to integrate a monitoring agent in the device or application used for service consumption. At Agama we have more than ten years of experience of successfully integrating with several dozens of devices and players. We also maintain partnerships with a wide range of vendors.

When selecting technology for a monitoring agent, it is important to understand the implications that the data model and transport solutions have on the type of information that can be extracted in the back-end. Questions that need to be asked include: what level of granularity is needed to support your intended use-cases? Do you need event-based data or are counters and 15 minute averages OK? What real-time requirements do you have on data delivery?

At Agama we work with both standardized data collection technologies and our own video service aware agent technology, depending on the overall solution requirements. Just as important as the monitoring agent generating data is the back-end infrastructure needed to receive and process it. Millions of devices and applications delivering monitoring data as often as every minute generate vast amounts of data that needs to be processed. Agama's video service aware back-end infrastructure scales to many millions of devices and provides real-time aggregation, analytics and alarming capabilities across thousands of groups of devices, service types and services.