Agama Analyzers

Software-based probes that provide active and passive video service assurance in the headend and across delivery networks for all types of delivery technologies.

Multi service Head-End Analyzers

Agama Analyzers for headends provide real-time insights into all parts of the service and across technologies. They validate the quality, integrity and attributes of input IP or SDI streams and follow services through transcoding, ABR packaging and muxing workflows with full-stack analysis. They also detect errors from packet to pixel and get visual confirmation through thumbnails and automated recordings.

OTT Service Analyzers

From playout to edge, the Analyzer OTT product family actively monitors and analyzes adaptive bitrate services at packager, origin and CDN edge caches. The Analyzer OTT EDGE actively downloads and analyzes playlists and segments and is ideal for assuring readiness to deliver throughout the CDN. The Analyzer OTT H-E does all that, plus codec and content level analysis.

IPTV Network Analyzers

The Analyzer NET is optimized for monitoring IPTV delivery networks, such as assurance in the egress points, core network or POPs. It provides powerful visualization, alarming and detailed analysis on IP and transport stream level, ensuring that stream integrity and possible degradations such as packet loss or jitter are detected immediately.

Cable Network Analyzers

The cable network assurance analyzer covers both the RF and IP domains of cable TV distribution. In IP-based core networks, the analyzers can be equipped with support for MPTS analysis. The Analyzer eQAM is tailored for the IP/HFC edge with side-by-side dashboards for IP and RF. The Analyzer OMNIA packs monitoring of up to 48 concurrent RF muxes into a single server. For R-PHY architectures, the Analyzer FLEX can be deployed with support for the analysis of DEPI encapsulated muxes and services.

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