Customer Experience Observability

Enables operations, product and management teams to make informed decisions on the actual customer experience of the service.

With Agama’s unique solution for customer experience observability, each and every interaction and play forms the basis for actionable insights regarding customer quality of experience, service performance and delivery network insights for all stakeholders.

Any service & any device
Regardless of how the viewer consumes video  – through an app on a connected TV, phone, or through an STB – real-time telemetry provides insights into the customer experience and service performance. With wide plugin availability for all kinds of consumer platforms, the integration can be done quickly.
Multiple stakeholders
Managing and evolving a video platform is complex. With real end-user experience and behavior insights, operations, product and management teams can make data-driven decisions and collaborate efficiently.
Proven ROI
With a proven track record of improving NPS, reducing support calls and increasing operational efficiency, we are the key partner to many operators and broadcasters.

Customer experience observability for every technology

With service performance – for every application and customer – made transparent for all stakeholders in real time, providers can ensure both operational efficiency and customer quality. There is wide support for app platforms enabling quick roll-out deployment.
With insights into both IPTV services, companion OTT apps and network delivery, we provide a complete solution for IPTV and OTT video observability. The key apps platforms and STB environments are supported, enabling quick roll-outs.
For Cable
Handling both the traditional STB delivered video as well as companion and OTT apps, we provide the complete solution for cable video observability. This includes network RF and IP performance by mapping the network topology, device health and service quality.

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