Remote PHY

How do you know if your remote PHY rollout is on a path to success ?

Ensuring remote PHY rollout success through transparency and insights in service performance

A successful remote PHY rollout can streamline capacity growth and enable highly competitive high-speed offerings. But as with all shifts in technology, remote PHY also comes with a set of new challenges where existing support solutions do not provide the information needed. Performance data must be analyzed and acted upon at a faster rate. Agama supports that through deep analysis, proactive alarming and clarity of presentation.


Real-time QoE, performance and usage insights  for every customer, regardless of type of service.

Insights into every customer and every device. Customer experience and behavior understanding to drive insights for Ops, Product Management and Customer Care teams. Cost reductions and NPS improvement through agility and reduced time to fix.

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With analysis on DEPI session integrity, IP jitter and packet loss, combined with TR290 P1,P2 and P3 on the contained muxes and services – the Agama DEPI provide the in-depth video performance data to have full operational transparency.

The Agama DEPI analyzer runs on all types of virtualized environments, including containers. With support for automated deployment, the Agama Analyzers can fully integrate in the orchestration workflow and is a perfect match for software defined infrastructure. The high capacity of the analyzer enables coverage of 40 Gbit/s of video services and multiple Analyzers can be combined to create insights into the processing flows and complete nation wide delivery systems.

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