End-to-end Video Observability

Performance and experience insights from the entire video delivery chain – from head-end encoding, delivery network , to the individual subscriber.

By combining the customer experience insights with head-end network probe monitoring, Agama creates unique end-to-end service and video observability.

From service creation to consumption
Our E2E solution provides insights of the entire video delivery chain – from the head-end to the end-user consuming the video. Quality of experience for all services and in all locations is made transparent on a single pane of glass – supporting an agile and data-driven way of working across teams and departments.
Proven ROI
Lower the time-to-fix with complete service delivery performance available at a glance, from video creation to consumption. Integration of customer experience and service performance data into customer care processes shorten the call-time and improve NPS.
Collaborate and share
By integrating with your regular collaboration tools such as Slack or Teams, we make it easy to share insights and cooperate between teams within the organization.
In-depth drill down to the individual customer
From the top level dashboards, it’s a short few clicks to data mining and finding individual end-user devices to deep dive in metrics and events.

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