Client Device Monitoring

Tailored to monitor every device, player and interactions, to enable real-time end-user experience insights.

Comprehensive customer experience and device health insights

CDM solution is designed as the core platform for visualization, analytics, alarming and correlation, acting as a central point of integration to role-based user interface systems.

A key component of the Agama CDM solution is a lightweight software client integrated in the device or player software. The client sends real-time events, metadata and continuously monitored metrics to the solution’s central ingest infrastructure.

Successfully integrated in STBs, CPE vendors and apps

With full understanding of how updates and changes impact end-user experience agility and confidence in roll-outs can be increased.
Ensuring that teams and team-members see where, how and when customers using the service, through self-service dashboards and analytics apps enables them to take data driven decisions.

The system integrates with external enterprise analytics through highly performant APIs and data flows, and customer care processes can benefit and improve every interaction with actual end-user experience insights.

Real-time service quality, viewer behavior and device health insights

• The complete solution for real-time understanding of end-user experience on all types of devices and services.
• Provide critical insights to operations teams and stakeholders such as DevOps and NOC/VOC.
• IP, ABR and DVB deployments including plugins, to quickly integrate all major app platforms and on STBs.
• Understanding the performance of every single subscriber and every single play.

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