We provide video observability and analytics – enabling insights and automation

Since 2004 our vision has been to empower people and teams at video service providers to accomplish more. Users are operational, product and management teams. Our solutions have proven scalability across millions of end-user devices covering the whole video service delivery chain. This gives you complete understanding of the behavior and performance of video creation, network delivery and consumption.

Gain real-time insights
Empower your entire teams from development to operations and management with solutions that improve collaboration and customer satisfaction.
E2E pre-integrated solutions
Seamless integration with any operator ecosystem to deliver quality solutions in order to create the experiences customers expect.
Cost-effective and superior outcomes
Reduce operational costs by sharing data and knowledge across the organization and create clarity into your business.
Flexible and modular
Designed to fit operators’ infrastructure and operational models, independent of technology base. It delivers high-quality information based on a scalable solution to any operator’s size.

E2E video observability for all stakeholders

Let the Agama solution’s powerful end-to-end analytics, visualization and collaboration capabilities supercharge your processes. Faster time to insight for data-driven decisions for operations, product and management teams.

Get total confidence in video creation and playout

Agama Analyzers provide leading video service insights in the head-end and across delivery networks for all types of delivery technologies, such as ABR, IP, cable and broadcast.

Customer experience and service insights for any device

Agama’s solution is integrated in all major app platforms including iOS, android, connected TVs, shakaplayer, and in STBs from many leading CPE vendors.

Words from customers

Agama works with the best in the industry to provide processing and media delivery solutions that meet all your end customer needs and will help you stay ahead of competition.

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