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Powerful solutions for video service providers that, through insights and analytics, drive operational efficiency across teams and departments and improve customer satisfaction.

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Get insights into every step of the head-end processing chain – OTT, IPTV, cable and broadcast.

Performance made visible and actionable in every step of the video encoding chain. All technologies are supported: ABR, Cable, IP or broadcast, with full coverage from transport to content in every part of the video delivery chain.

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Real-time QoE, performance and usage insights  for every customer, regardless of the type of service.

Customer experience and behavior understanding to drive insights for operations, product management and customer care teams. Agility and reduced time-to-fix result in cost efficiency and improved NPS.

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Single pane of glass approach enabling data-driven processes within the entire organization

Stakeholders and teams alignment, optimizing the complete team efforts and actions for better customer satisfaction and cost control. This gives insights from the entire video delivery chain – for all services at all locations and all subscribers.

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Video observability for OTT, IPTV, cable and broadcast providers

Telco operators
End-to-end insights into IPTV services, customer experience and network infrastructure.
From traditional broadcast delivery to OTT services – all technologies are supported.
OTT providers
From content creation, through CDN, to the individual app.
Cable operators
Insights for all, for the individual subscriber and for all technologies including DEPI / RemotePHY.

Agama creates insights for the key stakeholders in video delivery

For operations teams, we create transparency and support a proactive way of working, both for video services and network operations. With objective data of current and historic performance, teams can collaborate and effectively solve issues.

Product and marketing stakeholders get an understanding of deployment success, engagement and quality trends. With insights on usage data, and when and where services are used, teams can take better product and content decisions.

With direct access to the individual subscriber’s quality of experience, device health and service performance, each interaction in customer care can be improved, leading to higher NPS.

With transparency and KPIs from every aspect of service creation, delivery and customer experience,  stakeholders can ensure that teams are aligned and take data driven decisions. This shortens time to fix, increases product agility, resulting in a better customer experience.

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