Head-end and Network Assurance

Awareness and insights for operations and head-end architects throughout all processing steps in the video head-end.

Our solutions for Head-End and Network Monitoring create transparency and observability for every step of the video ingest, processing and delivery chain. This enables a data driven way of working, lowering time-to-fix and improves service performance – for any head-end technology including cloud. With support for virtualization and containerization, the solution has the flexibility to support video providers regardless of technical infrastructure.

Multi-service head-ends
With our software probes, every step of the video processing chain is covered – from mezzanine, encoding, transcoding, to packaging. Covering the full video stack, from IP and SDI to video content, we create insights for ABR, IP, broadcast and cable head-end teams. Supporting automated deployment in any environment, it’s the natural fit for cloud head-ends as well as on-premises workflows.
IP and CDN network delivery
In the IP and CDN delivery networks, the software probes provide deep insights into network and CDN performance as well as service integrity – cutting down time-to-fix and supporting the agile way of working that video providers rely on.
Cable and DEPI network delivery
In the cable network,  our probes support both traditional eQAM setups as well as next gen DEPI/RPHY networks – creating insights for muxes, services and DEPI tunnels across delivery technologies.
Broadcast head-ends and delivery
Regardless of whether it is traditional broadcast MPTS:es or the latest ABR delivery technology, we cover the complete processing chain. The software-based probes can also validate CDN performance with performance and availability metrics.

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