Enterprise platform

The umbrella solution for end-to-end performance and quality insights – from head-end and delivery network to the individual subscriber.

Build your solution on a trusted platform

The Agama Enterprise Platform is the core for visualization, analytics, alarming and correlation. It acts as a central point of integration to other systems with a role-based user interface, to enable wide adoption within the operator organization.

Combined with the Agama Client Device Monitoring (CDM) solution, real-time awareness of customer experience and service performance is created through processing and analytics of end-user device telemetry from apps, STBs and gateways.

Everything in one place
• Web-based UI supporting interactive data analysis and visualization with multiple applications.
• Interactive dashboard allows custom views to be built.
• Access to historical data for correlation.
• Integration with Active Directory and RADIUS for authentication.
• Integration with Teams and Slack for efficient collaboration.
Future-proof benefits
• Tailored applications to correlate, analyze and collaborate, allowing operations, product and customer support to get to insights faster.
• Infinite extensibility with SDK to build custom widgets and apps to integrate and visualize any data.
• Single sign-on enables wide use across the organization and teams through authentication and rights management.
• Data integration with Agama High-Capacity Exporting & Reporting (HCER), and Firehose.
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