Verifier ABR

Designed to provide automated quality control for on-demand assets, validating content quality, metadata and asset structure.

Detect issues early

The Agama Verifier ABR is designed for automatic validation of file based content, ensuring that problematic content is detected before it can cause subscriber issues. Any errors or discrepancies detected in the process can then trigger further investigation of the asset or automated rejection, ensuring that problematic content doesn’t reach your customers.

Being able to detect black screens, freeze frames and audio silence, the Verifier supports content level analysis. It also supports video asset property validation for bitrates, languages, resolutions, codecs and video/audio/subtitles.

The Verifier ABR can be deployed flexibly in cloud and on-premise.

Highly scalable and modular architecture
• Transport stream validation. • MPEG 4 multi-profile validation.
• Subtitle validation.
• Correctness and file properties validated using template-based mechanism.
• API or directory watch to trigger validation, easy to integrate.
• Flexible deployment; run in your own data center or in public cloud environments.
Easy to integrate in an asset workflow
• File QA for automated validation of content integrated in the media pipeline.
• Detect issues in media assets before they cause customer complaints and lost revenue.
• Pinpoint format problems such as wrong resolution or bitrates to stop QoE issues that are otherwise hard to catch.
• Early detection and trouble reporting to the content provider shortens time-to-fix.

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