Agama provides industry-leading solutions for monitoring, assurance and analytics of video service quality and customer experience to video operators who want to assure optimal service quality, improve operational efficiency and increase customer understanding.

Agama solution used in Customer Care

The Agama solution

Agama offers support solutions and services that enable video operators to work in a data-driven way, across departments and workflows, to lower costs and increase customer satisfaction. It creates value within the three areas service quality, operational efficiency and customer understanding – all with a core in understanding the service delivery to each individual end-customer.

An end-to-end overview of a complete Agama solution

With sophisticated components for head-end, distribution network, and embedded in-device monitoring, the established and seamlessly scalable Agama solution provides full insight into the service quality end-to-end − from the pixel level in the head-end to what is actually experienced by each individual viewer. Powerful central systems efficiently aggregate and analyze data from up to millions of monitoring locations to provide group-based top-level information. Meanwhile, rapid drill-down capabilities provide access to full details on each individual service and TV experience.

Ultimately, Agama supports operator growth and profit, by providing complete transparency in the service distribution across their deployments, creating an unparalleled foundation for ensuring the customers' TV experience and for achieving operational excellence in the video delivery.

Supporting the whole operator organisation

The proven Agama solution provides the entire TV operator organisation with a combination of operational support for enhanced incident handling, as well as strategy decision support for structured long-term QA work. Massive scalability, refined and role-based user interfaces and information, together with powerful reporting and APIs for OSS/BSS integration help streamlining key operator processes and increase operational efficiency.

The Agama solution supports the entire operator organization
  • Network & Video Operations Centers
    Actionable real-time alarms, QoE and QoS information for instant problem identification, fault impact analysis and fast dispatch to appropriate part of the organization
  • Service Engineers
    Understanding of the service quality from top-level down to in-depth technical details for efficient problem discovery, root cause analysis and short time-to-repair
  • Customer Support
    Tailored real-time and historical delivery chain information correlated with actual service usage for proactive actions, quick handling of customers calling in and credibility in each call
  • Marketing & Service Development
    Quality information as a foundation for growth and usage statistics over time for service lineup evaluation and churn patterns
  • Management
    Key performance indicators, tailored follow-up reports and trend-tracking for benchmarking of quality improvement efforts and support in organizational planning and SLA management

The Agama team has extensive experience implementing field-proven video service assurance solutions in a wide range of operator organisations and environments worldwide. The software-based solution works both off-the-shelf and allows for swift and easy integration with an operator’s BSS/OSS layers, without requiring costly customer adaptations. It is flexible and future proof, capable of scaling to any deployment size, and continuously adapting functionality to follow any new media technology developments and changes in delivery network infrastructure.