Increased visibility over the video distribution networks for SA

Before this project, already had a comprehensive Agama monitoring solution tracking video service creation in the head-end, but it lacked transparency through the diverse distribution networks and into the homes of its subscribers.


✔️ Lack of transparency
No clear visibility through the whole distribution network.

✔️ Issues distribution
The majority of issues reported by subscribers stemmed from the last-mile distribution and in-home networks.

✔️ Catch-up service quality control
Concerns over the effects of the distribution and in-home networks on its catch-up service.

Solution benefits

✔️ Provide a reliable & scalable observability system

✔️ Dashboards with a real-time view

✔️ Enhanced troubleshooting capabilities

✔️ Easy maintenance for OPS team

✔️ QoS deep insights

✔️ Enable the embedded clint on all devices

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