Telenor Sweden achieves success with Agama Frontline Application

For more info visit Telenor website

For more info vist Telenor website.

Telenor identified that issues from customers were escalated into 2nd line from 1st line when they could have been resolved in the first call.


✔️ Customer issue escalation
A high rate of customer issues escalated from 1st line to 2nd line care support.

✔️ Slow issue resolution
Customers have to wait longer to have their issues resolved.

✔️ Lack of insights
Difficult to understand and provide quick insights to solve customer issues.

Solution benefits

✔️ Support care agents to quickly understand customer experience for all kinds of video services: OTT, IPTV, or cable.

✔️ Easy to correlate service playout, network health, and the individual subscriber experience.

✔️ Quickly adapt to the specific needs of the operator due to the flexibility of its design and its web UI.

✔️ Allows support agents to use live TV data and network monitoring to determine if the issue originated with the playout or elsewhere.

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