Analyzers for adaptive bitrate and OTT service assurance

The Analyzer OTT Edge provides monitoring of adaptive bitrate services and can be used at the packager, origin or work towards the CDN edge caches.

Analyzer OTT Edge

Analyzer OTT Edge is designed for monitoring and analysis of adaptive bitrate services at packetizers, origin and edge cache servers. Its in-depth analysis covers availability of services, manifest correctness and segment availability.

With support for all leading formats, such as MPEG-DASH (supporting DASH264 profiles), HLS 7, MS Smooth Streaming as well as HDS, the Analyzer OTT Edge provides in-depth analysis, proactive alarming and visualization and troubleshooting tools.

Example of other supported features are: Connection, DNS and HTTP metrics for Manifests and segments, TR290 validation for HLS.

QoS and QoE are available per profile, asset and originating sever. Fine-grained alarming and alerting for quick detection of errors and fast trouble shooting.

Analyzer OTT Edge is available in different capacities, to cover both small and large installations.

The Agama Analyzers have a Web-based UI for dashboards and visualisation and CLI for configuration and management, enabling fully automatic deployment. The Analyzer is software based with support for virtualization.

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