Analyzers for cable network assurance

The Analyzer eQAM and Analyzer OMNIA provide full insight into the service perfomance of RF and IP carried MPTS services.

Analyzer eQAM and OMNIA

The Analyzer eQAM and Analyzer OMNIA provide real-time analysis on the IP, RF and TS layer, giving full insight into the service performance of the delivery network, regardless of whether it is IP based or in the HFC part.

The Analyzer eQAM and OMNIA provide insight into RF metrics, such as SNR, MER and signal strength, as well as full TR290 P1, P2 and P3 metrics, to validate the transport stream health. The integrated Validation Template support allows for detailed validation of the service in terms of bitrate, encryption and configuration of metadata.

The Analyzer OMNIA is optimized for massive monitoring of MPTS:es and services, supporting up to 48 concurrent muxes. The Analyzer eQAM is optimized for running at the IP/HFC edge, monitoring the same services on IP and the RF side. The powerful visualization and alarming capabilities provide operations teams with full transparency in service performance, enabling operational agility and confidence in the delivery network.

Real-time analysis is available in multiple capacities. Fine-grained alarming and alerting for quick detection of errors and fast trouble shooting. Support for triggered recording for offline analysis of streams.

The Analyzer has a Web-based UI for dashboards and visualisation of timelines, and CLI for configuration and management, enabling fully automatic deployment.

The Analyzer is software based with support for virtualization, multiple ethernet interfaces (1/10 GbE), as well as ASI and DVB-C/C2 input cards.

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