Head-End Assurance and Analytics

Awareness and insights for operations and architects throughout the various processing steps in a head-end

Solutions for Head-end assurance

Awareness and insights for operations and architects

Head-end assurance is a critical part in any video service delivery solution. Issues in the service creation quickly affect large parts of the customer base and must be dealt with immediately, or if possible, avoided altogether. Agama’s solutions for head-end assurance provide operators with detailed insights throughout the various processing steps in a head-end.

Our head-end solution offers

  • Real-time visualization and analytics
  • Full transparency for content, ad insertion and metadata through all processing steps
  • Leading depth and breadth of analysis for all delivery technologies
  • Proactive alerting, correlation and troubleshooting
  • Scaling as your needs evolve, supporting head-ends of all sizes
  • Flexibility in deployment supporting on-prem, cloud and automated orchestration

Using our solutions, head-end staff can verify the quality and availability of incoming streams, and assure the correctness of video processing steps and the correct hand-off to distribution.

Agama’s head-end assurance solutions support all modern formats and services used in head-ends. The solutions are fully software based and offer unrivalled scalability and flexibility in deployment.

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