Application areas

Agama’s solutions provide the awareness and insights needed to drive operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, and can be implemented across a wide range of processes throughout the video service operator’s organisation.

Head-end assurance

Head-end assurance is a critical part in any video service operation. Agama’s solutions for head-end assurance provide operators with detailed insights throughout this critical process.


Solutions for operations

Service Operations

Making sure video services are delivered correctly to the viewers is a key success factor for any video service operator. Agama’s solutions for technical operations supports video service operators in finding and solving problems as well as proactively improving performance of their video distribution and consumption solutions, across all technologies.


Service Development

Video services are developing at an ever increasing rate. Agama’s solutions for service development provide operators with timely and detailed information about the performance of their solutions, enabling them to rapidly evolve their services without risking adverse impacts on customer experience.


Customer care

Customer facing teams

Customer facing teams are an important part of the customer’s overall experience when interacting with the video service provider. Agama’s solutions for customer facing teams help service providers improve customer experience while improving efficiency in customer interactions.