A big part of what we do at Agama involves making sense of the vast amounts of data a modern monitoring solution can provide. Doing this effectively requires a deep understanding of the video distribution solutions and the technology needed to manage them.

What to monitor and where

Every time we watch a TV show, sporting event or film, our experience depends on the performance of every link in the delivery chain – from creation in the head-end, through to distribution and last-mile delivery to actual playback. Each link provides its own set of opportunities for insights, as well as risks that need to be proactively managed. The Agama solution provides detailed, objective data on each link in the video service delivery chain, with a focus on customer impact. This data is further refined to provide top-level, end-to-end perspectives and business-supporting insights into service quality, operational efficiency and customer behaviour. Read more

Client Device Monitoring

In order to understand how well a video service solution is performing, it is vital to understand the device where the service is being consumed. Monitoring usage and technical performance in the client device provides data that can be used to drive a multitude of processes across the operator’s organization - from technical operations through to customer care, product management and marketing. Read more