Access network assurance and customer experience analytics
Agama's Client Device Monitoring enables real-time understanding of actual service quality for each and every subscriber.

Features for access network assurance and customer experience analytics

CDM backend

  • Highly scalable backend solution for processing, aggregating and storing
  • Technical Operations applications for incident and problem management
  • Topology aware processing for grouping and alarming in real-time
  • Drill down to each and every device
  • End-to-end visualization, alarming and correlation with timelines and technical dashboards
  • Role-based user interface supporting multiple user groups

Additional applications and capabilities

  • High Capacity Export and Reporting – reporting application for ad hoc and scheduled reports and massive data export capabilities for integration with external systems
  • Operational Analytics for Devices for real-time analytics on very large datasets targeting device QoE,QoS and system behaviors supporting change management, continuous improvement and advanced troubleshooting
  • Media Measurement Package for customer engagement analysis and visualization
  • OTT specific applications and processing including automated geolocation, ISP and device grouping
  • Customer Care application for second and third line
  • Firehose add-on for high capacity, low latency integration with external systems

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