A wide range of video service operators worldwide, spanning all distribution technologies and network topologies, have selected Agama as their trusted solution provider and partner for monitoring, assurance and analytics of the video service quality and customer experience.

100+ successful Agama installations worldwide

Our customers have identified the benefits of Agama’s standardised and easily integrated solution that supports them in everything from informed strategic decisions to daily efficiency across the organisation, ultimately enabling them to lower costs and increase customer satisfaction.

The Agama solution is flexible, modular and scalable to suit everything from small operations, such as head-end specialists and local providers, to tier 1 telcos and cable operators with nationwide or even multi-national end-to-end deployments. Agama’s global customer base includes:

Agama reference customers include A1, Digicel, eir, KPN, Sky, Telenor, ...


“Agama without any doubt was choice number one as partner for the quality assurance of the video signals.”
Director Wholesale at a Central European tier 1 telco
“Agama’s monitoring solution gives us increased customer satisfaction, lower support costs, faster resolution of faults, fewer calls about problems, reduced call times, and greater potential for reducing churn.”
Section Leader for TV and Streaming at a Nordic tier 1 telco
“Agama's powerful solution enables us to see the full video quality from head-end to home at the click of a button. What makes it such a powerful solution is not only the Quality of Service in respect of video delivery; it’s the ability to accurately report the Quality of Experience from the customers’ perspective.”
IPTV Manager at a European triple-play operator
“Since the introduction of Agama monitoring in our network we are able to easily pinpoint the root cause of problems in our deployment and improve the overall quality of our service offering.”
Technology Director at a Central European incumbent telco
“Agama's unique solution allows us to continuously supervise our IPTV services and to proactively detect possible disruptions. It takes a load of our customer support; thereby lowering costs and at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.”
Managing Director at a European triple-play operator
“We took great care in selecting the right partner when it comes to quality assurance, enabling us to monitor that our systems are flawlessly delivering HD TV service, and providing our customer service with the right tools to detect and fix problems efficiently.”
CTO at a European incumbent telco
“Agama’s advanced monitoring solution enables us to understand at a glance exactly what is happening in our network so that we can ensure that our cable services are performing as required, and if there are problems we can solve them before the consumer has even noticed.”
CEO at a Central European cable operator
“We got convinced of the value of Agama’s solution already during its evaluation!”
Manager Development TV & Internet Services at a European incumbent telco
“We see monitoring as a way to bring our customer service to the highest possible level and proactively react on issues.”
Head of Technical Department at a European cable operator