Agama Analyzer OTT Edge

The Analyzer OTT Edge is a versatile adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming quality assurance probe for fully automated QoE and QoS monitoring and testing of over-the-top (OTT) audio and video services, supporting both stand-alone and end-to-end use in all kinds of OTT operations. The Analyzer OTT Edge helps operators ensure that their ABR streaming services are always available with the right quality.

At-a-glance real-time dashboard

Analyzer OTT dashboard

Timeline Analytics

Analyzer OTT timeline analytics

Overviews for results of individual tests

Analyzer OTT tests

Detailed event log

Analyzer OTT detailed log

The Analyzer OTT Edge supports continuous 24/7 monitoring as well as testing and troubleshooting applications, making it ideal in all phases of deployment, operation and expansion. Services based on Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Microsoft Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH standards can be analyzed in any combination. Sophisticated multi-dimensional presentation of QoE and QoS with timeline analytics provide a solid understanding of relevant technical quality parameters and how they affect the viewing experience.

Issues including CDN delivery problems, manifest and playlist file errors and TS corruption are detected and classified based on their impact on the QoE. Rapid drill-down functionality makes it possible to quickly get to the root cause of a detected problem. The Analyzer reliably monitors the health of encoders, segmenters and origin servers around the clock. It empowers all operators and service providers using the latest ABR streaming technologies with actionable information needed for troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, internal goal setting and SLA tracking.

Proven analysis with leading capacity

The Analyzer OTT Edge offers leading capacity with in-depth analysis of hundreds of concurrent streams. Each transaction and its delivered stream quality is monitored up to and including the TS layer. The Analyzer OTT Edge leverages a Agama's proven analysis engine, which is based on years of experience in advanced video quality analysis, and extends it with support for QoE and QoS parameters with the highest relevance for ABR streaming services, such as segment underruns, buffer utilization, HTTP errors, playlist errors and many more.

The Analyzer OTT Edge is easy and efficient to deploy, configure and use. Real-time dashboards, timelines and alarms make it possible to quickly identify the most important issues. Powerful in-depth analysis capabilities combined with unparalleled information refinement and clearly presented QoE greatly simplifies the day-to-day activities of engineers at OTT operators all over the world.

Part of Agama's complete end-to-end video assurance solution

The Enterprise Server's Geographical View features custom maps with overlaid information from embedded monitoring combined with information from Analyzers.

The Analyzer OTT Edge provides powerful monitoring capabilities and a feature rich interface for stand-alone use, but it is also a part of Agama's complete solution for true end-to-end monitoring. This solution makes it possible to combine Analyzer OTT H-E for content-level OTT analysis, Analyzer OTT Edge and OTT aware embedded monitoring with real-time end-to-end monitoring of linear TV, conventional VOD and timeshift services — all in one cohesive system with central system-wide overviews, alarm correlation, data mining and business support applications.

The Enterprise Server takes monitoring information from the Analyzer, correlates it with information from the rest of the system, refines it, and presents it in top-level views that give an unprecedented understanding of when and where quality problems occur, where they begin, and whom they affect. The Enterprise Server EX takes this further through strategic options for even more advanced data mining, real-time analytics, trend-tracking and management decision support.