Agama Analyzer H-E

The Analyzer H-E is a powerful head-end video quality assurance probe for continuous monitoring of services from the physical layer up to and including the audio and video content. With flexible support for simultaneous analysis of hundreds of streams, the Analyzer H-E detects everything from packet loss to freeze frame conditions.

Custom real-time dashboard with thumbnails

Head-end dashboard widget

Detailed stream configuration presentation and Live Play functionality

Stream info view with Live Play

Real-time measurements including loudness and MOS

Real-time measurements including loudness and MOS

Rapid drill-down to detailed technical logs

Detailed log

Perfectly tailored for automated monitoring, visual inspection and troubleshooting in head-end operations, the Analyzer H-E is a high-capacity probe handling hundreds of concurrent streams. Advanced analysis features audio and video content level examination with multi-codec support. On the transport stream level, all TR 290 P1 and P2 parameters are monitored in parallel. In cable and broadcast head-ends, P3 parameters can also be concurrently monitored on all streams. The Analyzer's interface support covers everything from gigabit and 10 gigabit Ethernet to ASI, cable and broadcast input cards.

Having powerful monitoring in the head-end is vital to catching problems early and avoiding misdirected and costly downstream troubleshooting. Stateful alarms and a custom head-end dashboard with QoS, QoE and visual confirmation enable head-end engineers to efficiently detect anomalies and see their impact. Rapid drill-down functionality allows them to quickly understand and resolve current problems, while timelines, logging and triggered recording functionality support after-the fact investigations to prevent recurring issues.

State of the art content analysis and loudness monitoring

Active processing in the head-end can introduce problems such as black screen, freeze frame, silence and macroblocking. The advanced multi-codec analysis in the Analyzer H-E supports detection of all of these conditions with configurable thresholds. A Mean Opinion Score is also calculated based on the video encoding quality and presented as a real-time measurement for each channel.

The Analyzer H-E can also be equipped for loudness monitoring in accordance with EBU R128, providing momentary, short-term and integrated loudness metrics. While silence detection is based on the objective audio level, loudness deals with how audio is perceived by humans. Advertisements that are perceived as louder than regular programs can be a major annoyance to viewers, and in response, regulatory control in this area has increased. The Analyzer's configurable alarms provide automated feedback when the loudness is outside the specified range, making it possible to quickly and efficiently diagnose discrepancies, handle customer complaints and respond to regulatory requirements.

Part of Agama's complete end-to-end video assurance solution

The Enterprise Server's Geographical View can be customized for different user groups. This is an example of a possible head-end configuration.

The Analyzer provides powerful monitoring capabilities and a complete interface for stand-alone use, but it is also a part of Agama's complete solution for true end-to-end monitoring with central system-wide overviews, alarm correlation, data mining and business support applications that empower the whole organization to put the customer experience first.

The Enterprise Server takes monitoring information from the Analyzer, correlates it with information from the rest of the system, refines it, and presents it in top-level views that give an unprecedented understanding of when and where quality problems occur, where they begin, and whom they affect. The Enterprise Server EX takes this further through strategic options for even more advanced data mining, real-time analytics, trend-tracking and management decision support.