Head-end & network analyzers

The Analyzer product line is a complete range of powerful and versatile video quality assurance probes for both stand-alone and end-to-end use in all kinds of digital TV head-ends and networks. Providing state of the art quality assurance for IPTV, cable TV, broadcast and OTT deployments, the Analyzer's analysis capabilities and clearly presented impact analysis greatly simplify the day-to-day activities of engineers at operators all over the world.

The Analyzers monitor a massive set of QoS parameters from the physical layer to the transport stream and as high as the audio and video content. The combined impact on QoE is calculated, classified and presented using color-coded levels that are used consistently throughout the whole Agama solution, allowing correlation and comparison between monitored services everywhere, even where transport methods and interfaces differ.

Real-time status views, centralized alarms and rapid drill-down functionality empower engineers to quickly understand and resolve current problems. Meanwhile, Agama's unique and stateful record-keeping facilitate after-the-fact investigations to prevent recurring issues and work proactively to maximize viewer satsifaction and loyalty.


Part of Agama's complete end-to-end video assurance solution

Excerpt of the Enterprise Server's Geographical View

The Analyzer provides powerful monitoring capabilities and a complete interface for stand-alone use, but it is also a part of Agama's complete solution for true end-to-end monitoring with central system-wide overviews, alarm correlation, data mining and business support applications that empower the whole organization to put the customer experience first.

The Enterprise Server takes monitoring information from the Analyzer, correlates it with information from the rest of the system, refines it, and presents it in top-level views that give an unprecedented understanding of when and where quality problems occur, where they begin, and whom they affect. The Enterprise Server EX takes this further through strategic options for even more advanced data mining, real-time analytics, trend-tracking and management decision support.