Agama Embedded Monitoring Solution

The Agama Embedded Monitoring Solution provides true last-mile video service quality assurance for IPTV, broadcast and OTT set-top boxes, PC media players, tablets, smart phones, in-home gateways and similar devices. A full deployment with many millions of customer devices can be continuously and concurrently monitored in real-time, and quality is mapped to the actual consumed channels or assets. The Embedded Monitoring Solution can be used with Agama Analyzers to create a true end-to-end quality assurance solution or as a self-contained last-mile quality assurance solution.

Quality and usage for each individual channel or asset

Linear TV usage and quality dashboard widget

End-to-end delivery chain correlation

Customer Care view

Detailed parameters for each probe

Probe parameters

Detailed logging, separated by state

Probe log

The solution consists of a robust and very scalable infrastructure for central aggregation which collects data from the customer devices. An Agama client, embedded in the device software, provides accurate information on actual received quality, media consumption and device performance. No additional in-home devices are needed. The client has been integrated in a wide variety of devices and players from leading vendors. The central solution can also collect data through TR-069 Auto Configuration Server APIs, Microsoft Mediaroom OSS APIs and similar systems.

Information from the Embedded Monitoring Solution facilitates and enhances key processes throughout the entire operator organization. For example, customer care representatives no longer have to work blindly. Instead, they can see exactly what has happened when for an individual customer and compare situations neighborhood by neighborhood in order to separate in-home problems from area-wide issues, thus reducing needless truck rolls and equipment swaps. Agama's customers also use the solution's analytics capabilities to identify customers to contact proactively in order to minimize churn. Marketing and Service Development can use statistics on channel usage to create packages with an attractive set of services. Operations can identify systematic equipment problems, spot bottlenecks in the distribution network and track their progress in systematic quality improvement initiatives.

Unique device support and proven scalability

The Agama Embedded Monitoring Solution is scalable to all operator sizes, including the largest operators with many millions of customers. The client supports an extensive list of gateways, set-top boxes and players and can quickly be ported to new devices. The solution has a proven record of rapid return of investment and increased customer satisfaction in major international operations.

While the solution supports TR-069 ACS as a data source through standard interfaces, the dedicated Agama client provides a level of real-time insight beyond that of information collected from server-side systems. Having access to fully up to date information from all devices in the entire deployment all the time has a dramatic real-world impact on the ability to diagnose and resolve problems. Combining the best of two worlds, the Agama solution can present information such as retransmission statistics correlated with in-home gateway interface statistics and player decoding errors mapped to actual media consumption.

Part of Agama's complete solution for true end-to-end quality assurance

The Enterprise Server's Geographical View features custom zoomable maps with overlaid information from embedded monitoring combined with information from Analyzers.

All operator interaction with the Embedded Monitoring Solution is through the Enterprise Server or Enterprise Server EX, which gives a unified view of the whole system. The Enterprise Server provides central system-wide overviews, alarm correlation, data mining, and interfaces for OSS and BSS applications. The high-availability Enterprise Server EX takes this further through strategic options for even more advanced data mining, real-time analytics, trend-tracking and management decision support.

Combining the use of the Embedded Monitoring Solution with Analyzers monitoring OTT services, linear TV head-ends, distribution networks and more creates benefits beyond those offered by the individual parts of the solution. Top-level views give an unprecedented understanding of when and where quality problems occur, where they begin, and who they affect. A powerful grouping concept with the possibility to model full network topologies makes it possible to correlate the quality received by viewers with the upstream analysis for the same content. The solution can also trigger alarms for individual probe groups at the DSLAM or edge QAM level.