Agama’s solutions can be implemented across a wide range of processes throughout the video service operators’ organization. Our solutions provide the awareness and insights needed to drive operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Technical operations and development

Today’s video distribution solutions are complex. Developing, tuning and operating them in an efficient way requires a deep understanding of the technologies involved, as well as timely access to large amounts of monitoring data. Agama’s solutions provide the industry’s most complete set of monitoring capabilities, coupled with the analysis and automation tools to transform the vast amounts of data generated into actionable insights.

Agama’s solutions support incident management by providing powerful real-time alarming capabilities, covering everything from technical parameters to the service experience of groups of end users. The ability to assess both the severity of the issue from an end-user perspective and the number of impacted users enables efficient prioritization and escalation.

Once issues are detected our solutions assist in problem management by providing service and topology-aware correlation and drill-down capabilities, enabling efficient root-cause analysis and fault localization.

The ability to proactively track down issues before they become problems is just as important as effective reactive processes. Our experience shows that systematic continuous improvement processes can drive down the number of technical issues and customer-care calls, as well as improve customer satisfaction. Agama’s solutions enable proactive fault finding by giving access to large amounts of data over extended periods of time and providing domain-aware analysis tools to find the systematic issues hiding there. Learn more about systematic improvements to reach the right video QoE. (PDF)

Change management is one of the most common under takings in technical operations and development. The range of changes is wide and spans everything, from rolling out new software versions on millions of STBs to incremental configuration changes in single nodes in the delivery chain. Regardless of the size of the change, impacts can be huge. It is vital for operators to be able to quickly determine if the change had the desired effect; and, just as important, no undesired side-effects. Agama’s solutions assist in change management by providing point-wise detailed metrics and by assessing QoE for users affected by the change. Learn more about change management. (PDF)

Service Management

There are many processes, outside of technical operations, that depend on insights and information from the service delivery infrastructure. Agama’s solutions extend to and integrate with these processes and help operators to efficiently manage their services.

Our solutions provide powerful tools for service performance tracking by providing reports and dashboards that enable operators to track key performance indicators across services, topologies and groups of users. Strong KPIs, with a clear focus on end-customer experience, create meaningful and objective benchmarks that can drive both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Access to low-level QoS metrics and aggregated QoE KPIs enables Agama's solutions to be used for service level agreement definition and follow-up. Being both service and topology aware, our solutions can be used to manage the performance of incoming services, as well as outsourced parts of the delivery infrastructure.

Customer engagement analysis is another area where objective data from service usage can provide useful insights. Having access to actual service usage across the entire customer base also provides additional confidence and can be used to drive content acquisition and service development in general.

Customer interaction

An important focus for Agama’s solutions is the end customer experience. Based on this commitment, we have developed our solutions to add value to some of the interactions operators have with their subscribers.

A large part of an operator’s interaction with its customers takes place through customer care. Enabling customer care staff to provide better support by giving them access to information on the service quality delivered to the individual customer can reduce average handling time and improve the problem resolution rate (first time right). Agama’s solutions can be used directly, typically by second and third-line staff, and integrated within the first-line customer care solution.

Access to per-customer information also enables field tech and repair processes to be more efficient. Avoiding servicing non-faulty equipment and being able to quickly verify installations reduces costs, increases customer satisfaction and helps combat churn.